Expect a lot of nonsense. My thought process is all over the place.

(read as a medieval king)


After a challenging battle against the foul beast called HTML I managed to achieve a decent viewing experience on mobile platforms.

Rejoice!!! This has been a great win for our people. We wouldn't have done it without the help of our marvelous ally, W3Schools and its section on responsive design.

Our next objective shall be to rework the Home page and the Art section.

The Decay of Sam & Cat


NEW 6.5 HOUR VIDEO JUST DROPPED!!! Okay, explanation time, QuintonReviews' new video is the continuation of the LONG series of videoanalysis of Nickelodeon series from around the 2010's. After a year of waiting we have in our hands the next installment in the series, which isnt the last, whats more, the next entry is planned to come out in October. Oh, and if this man gets to 1 million subscribers in the next year, he promised to make a Zoe 101 retrospective too.

Introduction done (damn this looks like one of his videos). I just finished the video. It's great, the intermission was one of the best yet and all the content was very well done. His decission to give up on trying to avoid the copyright claims makes it very clear how messed up the copyright system of youtube is, because half of the jokes would likely be cut or heavily modified to avoid problems with it

Quick life update


Hi, I've kinda left this without content for some time. I haven't being doing much, so I don't really have anything to talk about. I really want to add some things to this website, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them since I kinda run out of ideas of what to do.

One Piece 1071 hype


The drums of liberation thunder in the distance. I've been a fan of One Piece for a long time, and since Gear 5 appeared in the manga, I've been waiting for the anime to arrive at that part of the story. I can't wait to see how the anime team handles this new power up for Luffy. I'll probably post another blog entry some days after the episode comes out to avoid spoiling people who really want to see it.

Art Fight


Well, this is going to be my first year participating in Art Fight. I want to make some reference sheets, but I'm not sure they'll be all ready for tomorrow 😪 Any way, if any of you want to follow me, I'm Nora3a. And yes, I choose vampire, of course I did.

New OCs


With the return of free time, I have also managed to finish the designs of some new OCs. If you have any questions about this you can do so on my Tumblr. I'll upload some info about them in the OC Wiki section.

Old Games


So... I finally have free time again. After two weeks of programming non-stop I have returned to my little cave. This has lead to me getting into playing the original DOOM, and Sonic The Hedgehog. This decission will have consequences.

Java JPA Project


Long time no see. School has been taking a lot of my time since the year is ending and I have to make a lot of porjects. The difficulty of many are either the size or the project or the complexity of the operations. But then there's the java programming project. It requires you to learn JCDB and JPA, aplly it to a previous jFrame project which itself was a fix of a previous Object project. All of this after a single two-hour lesson on the database connection systems and with a single week of time until the due date. This is specially great when my JPA Queries DONT WORK no matter what I do.



Eurovision already did their second semifinal. I believe its the moment to talk about the queerest festival in Europe. Australia and Finland are my favourites, but I'm really liking everyone's performances. I'm not rooting for Spain because I know we probably won't do well, Chanel was an exception. If anyone wants to give it a try, Eurovision is a great way to bring something new to your usual playlists.

Summer is coming


Well, maybe not for everyone, but here in Southern Spain we're already feeling the heat. It's kind of frustrating, because just recently I became able to dress cute without worrying of freezing. And now I can't even layer because that is too much. I guess I'll limit my fashionable life to night hours only.

Finally Comfortable


I love that i have reached a point with my classmates in my web development course in which im able to joke around with my trans identity. Theyre still cis, but i feel like theyre more or less aware of trans existances, mostly because of me. Its great finally getting to fully express that part of me in those enviroments.

The Owl House Finale [CW: Spoilers]


I cannot believe what I just watched. I'm both crying, yelling, screaming and gigling. The coctel of emotions is too much for a 50 min episode. This is too much. Expect fanart.

Finished, kinda


Everything is functional. At least for now. I still want to add a bunch of things and change some, but those are just extras. The bare minimums for the page to be decent are ready. I think I'll change some colours too because people have told me their eyes have burned after reading in my page. I'm also making a website for a friend, so I may not update a lot in the near future, but in no way I'll drop it. I still want to add a background, so that's probably my next thing in the to-do list.

New Style


I'm in the process of changing everything. I've simplified the side bars because one on each side felt like a lot. The site is now designed to be seen in a 16:9 screen. Which is not great since I use a 4:3 monitor and now I have a bunch of negative space below. I still have to make a background and maybe some props, I'll see.

CRT Aesthetic


I just stated to play with the Opera GX mods. It's still a beta feature, so be mindful that you may face some problems, and I saw the CRT mod and I knew I had to try it. The first two TVs my family had were CRT TVs, and since we changed to a more modern screen, I kinda missed the feel that the CRT had. Specially since I started emulating old games, that were developed for CRT screens and don't look that good on clean ones. The way the pixels flow into each other and the chromatic aberration is amazing. I wonder if I can get a CRT instead of my current monitor...

Recent Hyperfixation


This will be the last entry of the day. Most days won't probably have more than two entries unless a lot of things happened. Going back to the title, I've been really bored recently, so I have taken a liking to watching multiple hours long videos going in great depth on a given topic. Quiton reviews channel is a great example of this with his videos for Victorious, iCarly and Sam&Cat. As I'm writing this, I'm watching One Piece 101 | PCP University Lecture by BestGuyEver.



I've been playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike against other people via Fightcade recently. I really like the way everything works, and I haven't face any problematic player yet. I wish I knew how to play other games just because the 3rd Strike server has too many things happening. I'm also interested in Street Fighter III: 4th Arragment, a modified version that looks really cool. For now I've only played using Alex, but I'm willing to try Hugo.

First Entry


I'm trying to make this look good, but it may be difficult to see it with so few entries. I hope this looks good. I'm thinking every entry should have like a minimum of maybe a 100 words to look good. Adding images may be difficult seeing the format of this blog. Maybe linking them is the best idea. Old style.