About Me

I don't have to show you ID, but I'll present myself just fine.

Nora, me, this Queer Disaster

Hi, I'm Nora (they/them). I'm a Spanish student in a web development course. This website has nothing to do with that course, but since I learn't how to write html I though I should put it to use.

I've identified as AroAce since 2020 and as Non-Binary since summer of 2022 (I started to use Genderqueer recently too). I consider myself transfem, but in a weird way. I try to educate about social issues (LGBTQ+, race, feminism, class oppression, etc) everytime I get the chance, so you may see some zines around here.

I'm pretty sure I have AuDHD, although I'm not seeking a proper diagnosis. I try not to be overbearing with my interests, but you'll be able to find them in some blog entries (probably).

I love many aesthetics, but I mainly stay between goth, punk and metal. This site is mainly punk looking, but you could see it change.

I've designed a few TTRPG systems and adventures in the past, but I haven't published almost any of it. Maybe I'll share something through here in the future.

Lastly, a bit of trivia, my favourite colour is purple, my favourite animal is the possum and my MBTI is ENFP.